Clean Litter and Earn Incentives!

20 Points for signing up!!

Points System

LitterRater rewards users who help clean their community!
Go to Step 1: Sign Up for FREE!

Step 1: Sign Up for FREE!

Earn 20 points right when you signup and 1 point every time that you login!

Go to Step 2: Report Litter

Step 2: Report Litter

Report litter in any community and we will reward you with points.

Go to Step 3: Pick Up Litter

Step 3: Pick Up Litter

Earn the most points by picking up litter and submitting a cleanup with a detailed description and before and after pictures.

Go to Step 4: Purchase Incentives

Step 4: Purchase Incentives

Purchase incentives on our online store with the points you have earned. No card needed!!

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